How Does a Solar Power Plant Work?

Not a few people who think about where we get electrical energy. Generally, electrical energy can be generated from fossil fuels. However, to date, fossil fuels are still in use and dependability, but according to estimates by the end of this century, worldwide oil reserves will be exhausted. This is because fossil fuel is one source of non-renewable energy. Therefore, humans must continue to seek other alternative energy sources. So perhaps you might also need to install 5kw solar systems if you wish to get electricity with the less negative impact on the environment.

Currently already developed and some countries have started to use solar power as a power plant. As we know solar or solar is one of the renewable energy sources that are much cheaper, environmentally friendly and certainly more efficient. Although not yet in large capacity, this alternative energy has also begun to be applied in Indonesia, ranging from emergency lights, street lights and much more.

So how does it work? Actually, the workings of this type of power plant are quite simple. The main component of this energy source is the Photovoltaic cell. These cells have a role to capture the heat of the sun which will then be converted into electrical energy. When compared to other power plants, this type of power plant is claimed to be more environmentally friendly, cheaper and almost no pollution or waste. And as you know, these are some of the advantages of this power plant.

After the heat of the sun is captured by the Photovoltaic cell then the heat will be used to heat the liquid which then becomes steam generated will be heated by a generator that will eventually generate electricity. Generally, the working principle of this type of power plant is almost the same as how the burning of fossil fuels in processing.

What distinguishes this fossil fuel power plant and solar power plant is the steam produced not from the burning of fossil fuels, but from solar or sunlight.

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