How To Safely Charge Mobile Phone Batteries

The development of gadget technology today is very rapid, the more sophisticated the technology that was born by the vendors of the smartphone. They are competing to create the sophistication of innovation to meet all consumers, especially gadget lovers. Once you think if all the sophistication of gadget technology today is not separated from the battery function as the only main power to run a gadget. Often times we underestimate the function of these batteries, charging with essential barnacles can be full and can be used again. Try to imagine if the battery is not working / not working properly, would not be useful gadgets that you have. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to extend battery life especially when charging. Every new mobile phone purchase in it already available charger congenital from the handphone factory. Get used to the use of charging with the original charger because in the charger is already there components that have been adjusted to the needs of your battery consumption, this will make your battery and mobile phone more secure from the risk of damage. To avoid risk even if you are charging in public or out of battery in a public place, we will provide phone charging station rentals for events.

Because of the simple and easy reason to reach it, many people do the charging using USB plug located on the computer. Indeed it is more effective when we are at work and need to stand up to find a charger. But you should know the main function of plugging the computer’s USB is to move files and data, it can be for charging mobile phone battery but the electrical power in the output is different from the factory default charger. It is therefore not recommended unless it is really an emergency. Lithium-ion type batteries can experience excessive heat if they charge too long or are left overnight. Although gadget technology is now able to regulate the incoming electric current when charging 100%, it’s good you still get used to keeping an eye on the amount of power that has been filled in the battery. Immediately unplug the charger from mobile phone and power source if it is full. Charging the battery using a charger directly from a power source will provide a greater power outage than the original charger, and the large flow may cause the battery to overheat and the battery bulge easily.

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