Prevent Sea from Waste For Health Together!

The marine exploitation of maritime tourism that has been promoted by the Indonesian and private governments in recent years still remains an unsolved problem today. The problem not least is the waste that its production continues to grow in various waters that exist throughout the archipelago. The problem of waste is a common problem that must be addressed. Not only by Indonesia but also all countries that have a close relationship with marine resources.

The problems at sea will affect us in the future. This needs a global approach together. Because indeed this sea is connected to one country with another country. Garbage that dominates in the oceans is usually in the form of microplastic waste. Because of its small shape, the waste is very dangerous because it can resemble phytoplankton and become the food of small fish. If eaten by a small fish, then it will be a food chain. Because small fish will be eaten by larger fish, and will eventually be eaten by humans. This microplastic is very dangerous for health.

You can also visit and save the sea from your house!

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