Public Speaking Elements

Elements or elements of public speaking, in addition to material, there are four, namely vocal techniques, eye contact (eye contact), humor, and body movement (gesture). These four elements of public speaking, if done well and correctly, will make the public speaking effective and memorable.

Given the importance of “entertainment” like humor in a public speaking, it will be better to invite speakers with a good sense of humor like Adam Christing – Keynote Speaker if you want to hold a seminar. Regardless, in choosing the speaker you should also pay attention to the things below!

Vocal Technique
1. Intonation (intonation) -the voice, the rhythm of speech, or the strains of the tone in pronouncing the words.
2. Accentuation (accentuation) or dialect, dialect. Do stress in certain words that are considered important.
3. Speed (speed). Do not talk too fast.
4. Articulation (articulation), namely the clarity of pronunciation of words; pronunciation.
5. Inflection – song sentence, change in tone of voice; avoid the same pronunciation for every word. Upward inflation (go up) indicates the continued, down (go down) show the end of the sentence.

Eye Contact
1. View of the audience; sweep the view to all the audience.
2. Look right at his eyes!

1. Natural, spontaneous, reasonable, not artificial.
2. Full, not bits and pieces, no doubt.
3. In accordance with the words.
4. Use for emphasis on important points,
5. Do not overdo it. Less is more!
6. The most important gesture: to SMILE!
7. Body movements include facial expressions, hand movements, arms, shoulders, mouth or lips, movement of the nose, head, body, legs.
8. Each movement contains three parts: Approach – The body is ready to move; Movement (The Stroke) – body movement itself; and Return (The Return) – return to its original position or normal state.
9. Variatif, do not monotone. For example, constantly clenching fingers on top.
10. Do not make body movements that are not meaningful or do not support the conversation such as: holding the collar, mike toy, wringing fingers, and scratching the head.
11. The greater the number of attendees, the greater and slower the body movements that we do. If we speak in front of the audience in small quantities, or in video conferencing, or on television, do their little gestures (smaller gestures).

1. Spice Public Speaking.
2. Use Natural Humor! Do not try to be a stand-up comedian!
3. Use stopping (pause) simply giving the listener a chance to laugh.

Humor Technique
Exaggeration – disproportionately over things.

Parody-imitating the style of a serious work (song, proverb, poetry) with the addition of funny, such as changing the lyrics of songs with new words with humor.

The sudden turn-by technique takes people to believe we will speak normally, but suddenly we say the opposite or unexpected at the end of the conversation.

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