Small Habits Can Be A Cause of Neurological Disorders

Without realizing it, every day the brain can be damaged from the habits of everyday life. The human brain consists of more than 100 billion nerves each associated with 10,000 other nerves. The brain is the vital organ which is the central control of the central nervous system. The brain regulates and coordinates most of the movement, behavior, and functions of the homeostasis body such as heart rate, blood pressure, and body fluid balance and body temperature. The brain is also responsible for functions such as recognition, emotion, memory, motor learning and all other forms of learning. The brain is the largest energy distributor for the body. Although the brain size is only 2 percent of the total human body weight, all body activities are controlled by it. This means that if someone weighs 60 kg, then the brain weight of about 1.2 kg.

Anywise, if you feel like you are in a bad mood, therefore, do not push yourself to the limit that can’t be handled by yourself. Try to take a break for a while, and let your body and mental rest. Yet, if it is not working and you are still can’t handle your bad feelings or mood then this is the time for you to check your mental condition to the expert. Fortis bangalore is a recommended hospital who have several professionals doctors that concern to the neurology care.
Furthermore to prevent all the bad things on your mental health, here are 10 trivial habits that cause the mental illness:

1. Smoking
Everyone knows smoking is not good for health and there are many adverse effects that are produced by body organs. Especially for brain organs, smoking can cause the brain to shrink and trigger dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The nerve cells will shrink on the hippocampus and the front cortex that serves to store memories.

2. Lack of sleep
Sleep will make the brain rest. Lack of sleep in the long term is tantamount to killing brain cells slowly because the brain continues to be forced to stay on when the brain also needs a break

3. Keep working in a state of illness
Forcing yourself to work or study in a state of illness is not good for the brain and will damage brain cells.

4. Rarely talk
Conversations will help a person to continue activating his brain cells, let alone an intellectual conversation. People who rarely talk will let the brain cells die slowly because it never activates it.

5. Rarely stimulate thoughts
Thinking is the best way to train the brain. Less stimulate the brain with various things will cause the brain to shrink. The brain cells will die because there is nothing that makes the brain develop.

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