Some Types Of Hallucinations Are Often Experienced By Many People, Have You Ever Experienced It?

The hallucinations that usually happen to people who are depressed or those who use narcotics have different types. One of the plants that have the ability to cause hallucinatory feelings is ayahuasca. This plant grows in the Amazon Forest and is used by local people to treat some diseases. The rest of this plant you can read at

Actually, there are many factors that cause hallucinations other than consuming this plants and other narcotic types. However, the kind of hallucination experienced by a person is different. Some types are:
1. Hallucinations of Vision, with this hallucination someone will see something unreal like the light or shadow of someone they do not know.
2. Hallucinations Touch, this hallucination makes a person smell something smell or smell a very rotten suddenly but actually, nothing happened.
3. Hallucinations Hearing, this is the hallucination most widely happen by everyone. Someone feels hearing something out of nowhere, they will feel the sound of voices like anger, even soft voice.

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