3 Tricks for making your phone charges faster

Recharging the power of our phones can take quite some time. However, the daily necessities force us to stay in contact with the people around us. So that’s why it’d be a good thing for everyone to know the ways to charge their phones faster. Thankfully, there is so many cell phone charging lockers in the public facilities today that help us to charge our phones more easily.

Here are the tricks to make your phone charges faster:

1. Select the Best USB Cable

Do not underestimate the USB cable used every day. Meksi seems trivial, the quality of this cable affect the speed of mobile phone charger.

Cheap USB cable, usually made very thin and does not deliver power properly. The metal used is of low quality so it cannot handle high power electricity.

We recommend using the USB cable from your phone’s purchase plan. Or as an alternative, look for the best quality USB made the brand that has been trusted.

2. Turn off the phone when you don’t have to use it

Although the phone is not in use at all, when in a state of light up there are applications that run in the background.

Well, even small, the performance of the app still suck power and make the charging process slows down. Therefore try to turn off the phone.

When it is turned off, then the entire app goes dead. The effect keeps all the power supplied actually entered and collected.

If you do not want to turn off the phone, can also activate Airplane Mode. The modes are useful for stopping the cellular signal transmission and Wi-Fi that play a large role in sucking power in the battery.

If you do not have time to turn off the phone or use Airplane Mode, at least do not fill it while playing video games that suck a lot of power.

3. Do not Charge it via computer USB port

The output power of a computer’s USB port is usually in the range of 0.1A to 0.5A. This is much lower than the output using a special mobile charger that reaches 2A or more.

This means charging speed will also be lower. When in a hurry, do not charge the phone using the computer’s USB port. Should just use the default charger.

It should be added that the USB ports on some computers that support USB 3.0 interface are capable of delivering 1A of current so that it can be used to charge the phone in a relatively short time, or at least as fast as the phone’s default charger.