The Right Laptop To Watch Movies

Make you a fan of movies or who likes to watch, into a special pleasure to watch movies through a laptop. Because now you can watch movies streaming either free or paid. With a laptop form that is easy to carry wherever this makes your hobby can be done anywhere. For example, you are tired of watching movies in the living room, you can take this laptop to the bedroom. Get the best laptop for watching movies by visiting our website now. All laptops can certainly be used to set video and movie streaming. What distinguishes is the quality of the picture. So, make a search for the best quality laptop to watch movies can be considered:

– Screen quality: The higher the image resolution will be better
– Sound quality: The laptop’s audio performance also affects comfort while watching a movie. Therefore you need to know also how the quality.
– Battery resistance: Because generally the film duration of more than 1 hour, so the laptop battery should be strongly used for a long time.

If weighing some of these criteria, here’s the best laptop to watch a movie that you can choose.

– Asus Zenbook Flip

This is a type of laptop 2 in 1. With the Intel Core i5 and RAM 8Gb is enough to describe the power of this laptop. Especially for its storage already using 512GB SSD. Then for the screen size is 13 inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels supported by Intel HD Graphics 515. Why is this laptop recommended for watching movies? First is it’s 2-in 1. That way you have more flexibility because this laptop can also function like a tablet. That is, for example, you want to watch a movie while sleeping can also be done with this laptop. Then on the screen is full HD so the quality of the displayed image will be better.

– MacBook Air

For Apple lovers, choosing Macbook Air will obviously be a major consideration. Like for example Macbook Air that processed Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM. The advantage of this laptop is the battery that can last up to 13 hours. Yes, you may be on vacation or vacation and intend to spend all day watching a movie, this laptop is right for you to use. The price is quite expensive. But with quality Apple products that qualified, have this laptop will not lose. Even for some, especially Apple fans, the price of this laptop is still quite affordable.

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