Tips on Choosing Event Vendors!

One of the determinants of the success of your party or event is catering. Finding catering party is not easy let alone looking for catering delicious and cheap in accordance with the budget. Therefore the best recommendation for your catering vendor is stand hostesi. Beside you will get the catering service, you will also get the service or rental equipment. With stand hostesi your party will be so much easier because we provide one stop solution party catering and equipment. Besides, we will offer an affordable price for your party.

Apart from that all, before you decided to hire a vendor, this time we will inform you some tips to consider when looking for catering your party!

1. Knowing and understanding your event type.
Of course wedding catering and office catering is not the same. Generally an office or school event can use a boxed catering box but weddings usually use a buffet catering. Therefore, it is important for you to understand exactly the type of event or your party and the type of catering needed before looking for a catering vendor.

2. Know the number of your party guests
Knowing the guests at your party can be a determinant of your catering success. Do you have to know what guest food preferences are? Do they prefer snacks but great variety or great food? How many guests are coming? The more information you have about your guests, the more you can customize the party catering that attracts them.

3. Knowing the special needs of your guests
Continue tips no. 2, it is important for you to know the special needs / special needs of your guests. These special needs can be catering vegetarian, not eating cattle, and others. You should know what the dietary requirements or special needs of the guests are before finding a caterer.

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